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Infrared 101: Emissivity

ATD presents the latest chapter in our Infrared 101 series (covering the important elements of infrared process heating): Emissivity.

By tailoring industrial infrared panel heaters to your applications, your team can achieve the ideal results during process heating applications. Emissivity is a critical element within this customization process.

What is Emissivity?

The emissivity of a working surface is its effectiveness in emitting energy as thermal radiation. The more emissive a material is, the greater the level of thermal radiation it emits. Material such as ceramics, rubber and electrical tape have relatively high emissivity levels, thereby making these materials ideal for infrared heating applications.

The Importance of the Stefan-Boltzmann Constant

The Stefan-Boltzmann Constant is a physical constant referring to black body (or ideal) radiation, which defines the power per unit area emitted as a function of its thermodynamic temperature. This is critical in measuring the overall emissivity of a material and in ensuring applications are set up precisely, ensuring materials are heated to tightly controlled temperatures. Black body radiation can be compared with grey body radiation by using the Stefan-Boltzmann Law and the material’s emissivity coefficient.

Tailored Solutions for all Emissivity Requirements

Our team here at Anderson Thermal Devices have built a refined selection of industrial infrared panel heaters designed to address the needs our clients have for various emissivity levels. Our selection includes shortwave heaters, as well as medium-wave industrial infrared panel heaters for specific applications within the process heating niche.

An example of our expertise in this area is our medium-wave quartz tube emitters. The product is designed to reach a heating level of up 1750F at a peak wavelength of 2.5 microns. The product also features a gold reflector for superior emissivity and to ensure that heaters are unidirectional. It’s the ideal solution for cleanroom applications in which contamination is a leading consideration.

Quartz Tube IR Emitters in Industrial Infrared Heater

Learn More

The expert team here at Anderson Thermal Devices is available around the clock to address any emissivity challenges and questions your organization is facing. We can customize products to suit the unique requirements of your applications, and complete all testing for your application on-site at our cutting-edge facility. To discover more on emissivity in the infrared heating component marketplace, contact our expert team today.

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