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Heated Rollers for Web Processing Applications

Anderson Thermal Devices has partnered with Roller Design, LLC to create superior value for web processing applications. Our industrial heated rollers address our customers' most persistent challenges:

  • Temperature Control

  • Heat-Up Time

  • Clean Energy Requirements

  • Variable Web Widths

The result is a heated roller that is industry leading in its precision, efficiency, and durability.

Industrial Heated Roller

Our heated rollers achieve operating temperature quickly, reducing downtime considerably given today's shorter product runs. Our precision controls ensure quality product and minimal scrap, allow processes to run with variable web widths, and eliminate edge effect on thicker/heavier webs. Hysteresis at lower speeds (induction rolls) and non-uniformity at high temperatures (hot oil rolls) are non-issues with our unique electrically heated rolls.

While hot oil and induction rolls lean heavily on heat pipes for temperature uniformity, our unique design - with multiple zones and uniform watt density - ensures precise control at high temperatures. The absence of a fluid transfer system also makes our product ideal for use in Clean Rooms.

Please visit The Heated Roller Company for more information, and to request a quote.

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