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Why ATD's Medium-Wave Industrial Infrared Lamps Are Perfect for Drying Water-Based Substances

If your process involves drying anything water-based, such as inks, solvents, or films, then you're almost always going to want medium-wave industrial infrared lamps to handle the drying:

ATD's Medium Wave Infrared Emitters transfer energy at Water's Absorption Peak, making them ideal for drying.

The primary reason for using medium-wave radiation on water-based products is quite simple: As opposed to shortwave IR lamps (or Near IR heating solutions), which have a peak wavelength below 1.5 microns, the wavelength output of medium-wave lamps is between 2 and 4 microns. As it happens, the peak energetic absorption point of water is also between 2 and 4 microns. So, hitting anything water-based with medium-wave IR radiation ensures maximum energy transfer into the water and the fastest-possible increase to water's boiling point.

Maximizing the efficiency of energy transfer typically means that production speeds can be faster, and because less energy is being wasted which also helps lower costs in the long run.

Medium-wave also has another advantage over shortwave in these situations: Shortwave energy is great if you need heat to penetrate deeply into the substrate. However, when drying water based coatings, inks, or films, this can potentially damage the substrate. Medium-wave energy, on the other hand, tends to reflect more off the substrate. This has a two-fold benefit in drying applications: there is minimal heat transfer to the substrate, which preserves it from damage, and the reflected energy can be absorbed by the water, increasing the drying speed.

Anderson Thermal provides a broad array of infrared heaters that emit energy in the medium wave. Panel Heaters provide a rugged an economical option for medium wave heat. Quartz tube emitters are a versatile alternative, and while typical medium-wave lamps can take anywhere from 10-45 seconds to achieve full heating power, Fast Response Medium Wave (FRMW) lamps offer the best of both worlds.

Our FRMW lamps utilize a quartz tube with a special helical wound tungsten or large cylindrical filament. Our proprietary coiling technique allows more energy to be focused in the medium-wave range, with less waste. This creates medium-wave drying lamps that are exceptionally cost-effective, and we offer custom lengths with a wide variety of options in endcaps and coatings.

With more than 75 years working in heating, curing, and drying solutions, we have the expertise to improve your operations. Contact Anderson Thermal today to learn more:

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