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Lab Services

Anderson Thermal Devices maintains a well-equipped and versatile lab facility. We can run trials for heating, coating, drying, curing, laminating, embossing and many other unusual applications.  We are conveniently located 20 miles west of New York City. We welcome our customers as well as guests.

Please view a list of our lab equipment below, and contact us to find the right heating solution for your process.

Conveyors, Heaters and Ovens:

  • An open mesh, horizontal S.S. belt conveyor Lab Facility

  • Eight different types of infrared electric heaters including medium, long and short wavelength

  • Gas fired medium and long wave length infrared heaters

  • Combination infrared air heaters

  • Unwind and rewind

  • Hot air oven

  • Multiple zone control panel

  • Supply and exhaust blowers

  • A tunnel oven with gas and electric heaters with an overhead conveyor


Coating Equipment:

  • Many different sizes of Meyer rods

  • Testing Lab

  • Flexo printer

  • Knife coater

  • Spray coating equipment

  • Powder coating equipment



  • Non-contact thermometers (pyrometers)

  • Lab scales (up to 0.001 gm accuracy)



Our engineers, who operate the lab for the customers and for our own R&D work, have over 75 years of combined experience to help you with your product and process development.

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