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ATD offers Improvements in Heater Durability with Industrial IR Lamps

Hawthorne, NJ-based process heating equipment developers, Anderson Thermal Devices are inviting clients to review their full selection of industrial infrared (IR) lamps, including their shortwave twin tube heaters, which combine superior mechanical strength and several different wiring options with higher levels of radiant energy to offer standout heating performance for drying, curing, plastics processing, finishing, and a range of other applications.

Process heating companies must carefully consider the return on investment offered with each new addition to their process heating lines. New equipment can be expensive to purchase and integrate and so companies must be able to depend upon the process heating system’s heating components to ensure optimal durability and performance over the long-term. For the leading companies within the process heating industry, the technology offered by Anderson Thermal Devices sets the standard for performance and results within challenging applications.

The complete suite of industrial IR lamps now offered through the team at Anderson Thermal Devices empowers companies in achieving optimal energy efficiency and maximum output. It’s an equipment selection that includes the twin tube infrared lamps, which are available in both shortwave and medium wavelength models. The twin tube infrared lamps offered through Anderson Thermal Devices are custom designed to fit the IR application needs of the product being heated; thereby offering the operational flexibility companies require in achieving a full return on their investment over many years. Because of their heavier cross section, and the various wiring options the equipment is more robust than most Infrared emitters in the marketplace. This ensures that each system will require limited repair work even when placed within the harshest of industrial environments.

To discover more on the full range of heating equipment components offered through Anderson Thermal Devices, please contact their offices directly at 800-720-5256 or visit their business website via

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