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Advantages of Twin Tube Lamps

Twin Tube IR Lamp
Twin tube lamps offer a versatile alternative to standard single tube lamps. In addition to allowing more watts per inch as compared to single tube lamps (making it possible to attain higher temperatures in a shorter time), twin tubes allow you to make the most out of particular physical constraints.
The design of twin tube lamps makes them mechanically stronger than single tube lamps. The strength is most important when the lamps are longer than 600 mm. When single tube lamps are long they can bow in the middle, stressing the quartz tube. Twin Tube lamps are available in lengths up to 4 meters.
Industrial Infrared Twin Tube Lamps - Filaments and Leads
Lead and filament placement can be customized to fit the needs of a particular process (see chart). For example, having both leads on
one side (examples A,B,E,G,K, & L) offers a space saving advantage, in instances where electrical/physical access to both sides of the machine may be inconvenient.

Twin tube lamps have many standard wattages and voltages to meet the need for direct replacements for lamps used in existing equipment. Gold or ceramic reflective coatings can be applied to focus the emitted energy, increasing the thermal efficiency.
In some specialized circumstances, twin tubes may even be used to cool the heating element, by running an element down one tube, and water cooling in the other.
Gold Coating on Twin Tube IR Lamp
For more information on twin tube lamps, and other heating solutions, please contact us. We would love to share the insights we’ve gleaned from our combined 75+ years of experience in process heating, and we pride ourselves on our competitive pricing and strong customer satisfaction.
Anderson Thermal Devices offers a complete line of quartz twin tube infrared lamps available in both shortwave, standard medium wave and fast response medium wave.
Cross section profiles of 23 mm X 11 mm and 33 mm X 15 mm are available. We also manufacture custom sizes to meet the application needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers and customers with in house designed applications.
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