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Specialty Industrial Infrared Heaters

The Radiant Round

Radiant Round Heaters provide intense, precisely controlled heat at medium wavelength that completely surrounds the product for uniform and efficient heat transfer. These heaters utilize clear or opaque quartz tubes in the center with heating elements wrapped around the outer surface of the quartz tube. This combination allows for maximum efficiency and high rates of heat transfer. These heaters are great for wire, cable, tube, hose, medical tubing, and profiles.


The quartz tube prevents the product from touching the heating elements and is durable enough to withstand the impact of most products that would be processed in this type of heater.


Insulation keeps the outside skin temperature at 100°F while the element temperature is at 1500°F, minimizing heat loss to the room. The heaters are available with CE markings.


Radiant Round Industrial Infrared Panel Heater
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