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Shortwave Industrial Infrared Heating Quartz Tube Lamp (T3 Lamp)

Shortwave IR Emitters (including T3 lamps & T4 lamps) utilize a low mass tungsten filament to provide a high temperature source that responds rapidly to voltage changes— allowing for precise control during your industrial infrared heating process.  Shortwave quartz tube lamps radiate 90% of the available radiant energy in less than one second after being turned on. Long-wavelength infrared emitters require several minutes to reach the same relative output.

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Medium-Wave Industrial Infrared Heating Quartz Tube Lamp

Medium-Wave IR Emitters are excellent for surface heating and for drying coatings, paint, dyes, lacquers, adhesives and in the processing of plastic sheet and films. Because of their long life, medium-wave quartz tube heater lamps perform extremely well in continuous processes.  Medium-Wave industrial infrared heater emissions do not penetrate as deep into substrates as shortwave, but are readily absorbed by water, films, plastics and many solvents.


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Fast Response Medium-Wave (FRMW) Industrial Infrared Heating Quartz Tube Lamp

Fast-Response Medium Wave IR Emitters fill a gap in the market place for higher wattage at medium wavelengths.  As the name suggests, FRMW industrial infrared lamps heat up and cool down faster than other medium-wave IR lamps.  They are an excellent and more cost-effective alternative to carbon filament infrared lamps.  ATD's custom manufactured FRMW quartz tube heater lamp filaments utilize a unique coiling technique that maximizes energy distribution.

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Twin-Tube Industrial Infrared Heating Quartz Tube Lamp

Twin-Tube IR Emitters offer higher radiant energy and excellent mechanical strength allowing for longer heated lengths than available with single-tube T3 Lamps or T4 lamps.  These industrial infrared quartz tube lamps are used in the printing industry to dry inks (e.g. Heidelberg) and other industries where there is a need for mechanical strength, high energy or single-side leads.  Twin tubes lamps are also used in the Plastic Forming, Food Processing, Paint/Lacquer and Powder Coating industries.

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Infrared Panel Heaters for Industrial Infrared Heating Processes

Infrared Panel Heaters are very versatile, rugged and efficient medium-wave industrial infrared heaters.  Their straightforward design allows a 90% conversion of electrical power input to useable radiant output.  They are commonly used in many industries including the printing, paint and powder coating industry, blow molding and plastic thermoforming, and glass.  Anderson Thermal manufactures Stamped Foil Panel Heaters as well as Quartz Fabric Panel heaters.

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Custom Shaped / Contoured Industrial Infrared Heating Quartz Tube Lamp

Custom Shaped / Contoured IR Emitters are formed to properly match the requirements of an industrial infrared finishing processes’ heat application.  Infrared emissions travel in straight paths, so when the substrate has an irregular surface it can partially block the emissions from a straight lamp.  These quartz tube infrared lamps provide a solution to this issue.  ATD has supplied an array of custom shapes and contours, and happily works with OEMs to find the right infrared solution for their process.

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Replacement Industrial Infrared Heating Quartz Tube Lamp - Hereaus, Ushio, Sylvania, Heidelberg and others

Replacement IR Emitters - In addition to manufacturing industrial infrared heating solutions to OEMs, ATDs has been a source for replacement shortwave and medium-wave quartz halogen infrared lamps for most infrared dryers, pre-dryers, ovens and comfort heaters.  We often assist customers in determining why their IR lamps have been failing prematurely, and offer a service and process evaluation to determine whether customers are utilizing the most effective IR lamp available.

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Industrial Electrically Heated Roller

Electrically Heated Rollers - By partnering with Roller Design, LLC, ATD has expanded its array of heating solutions for industrial web processing applications.  Our electric heat transfer rolls address the most persistent challenges faced by OEMs:  Tight Temperature Control, Fast Heat Up Time, Clean Energy, and Versatile Temperature Profiling.

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