Panel Heaters for Industrial Infrared Heating

Panel heaters are very versatile and efficient medium-wave industrial infrared heaters


They are used in many industries including the printing industry, the paint and powder coating industry. blow molding and plastic thermoforming, and glass industries, along with many others.  

Anderson Thermal manufactures an array of industrial IR panel heaters, including: 

Unsure which heating solution to use?  Please contact us - with 75+ years or combined experience in process heating, we are eager to help you find the right infrared heating solution for your process.

SF Industrial Infrared Panel Heater

SF Industrial Infrared Panel Heater

SFA Industrial IR Panel Heater Face

SFA Industrial IR Panel Heater Face

Lit SFA Industrial IR Panel Heaters

Lit SFA Industrial IR Panel Heaters

Infrared Panel Heater Element

Infrared Panel Heater Element

Quartz Fabric Infrared Panel Heater

Quartz Fabric Infrared Panel Heater

Quartz Fabric IR Panel Heater Coil

Quartz Fabric IR Panel Heater Coil

SF and SFA Heaters


Stamped Foil and Stamped Foil with air (SF and SFA) medium wave industrial infrared heaters are highly efficient, fast response heaters suitable for a wide variety of industrial process heating applications.

Rugged stamped foil element strips are mounted on a high temperature insulation board. The energy freely radiates to the product without any quartz or ceramic to block the energy. This allows a 90% conversion of electrical power input to useable radiant output, eliminates thermal lag for very tight process control, and minimizes stored heat which causes damage to products on shutdown.

Type SFA heaters include air jets in between the rows of elements which provide air impingement to assist in drying and provide instant cooling on shutdown.  SF and SFA heaters have a peak wavelength of 2 microns and can be designed for up to 60 watts per square inch.  They heat up and cool down in 10 to 20 seconds and can be equipped with Type K thermocouple or a non-contact Pyrometer.

ATD's industrial IR panel heaters are ruggedly constructed with no glass or quartz.  They can last for up to 20,000 hours and can be easily repaired.   They can be mounted in any orientation and they are available with multiple zones within a module. 

Please contact us for additional information.  Anderson Thermal Devices is a US-based manufacturer of industrial infrared heaters.  Benefiting from 75+ years in infrared heating, our team is eager to find the right solution for your application.


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QF Style Medium Wave Heaters


Quartz fabric Faced Heaters (QF heaters) are an economical and rugged heater with quartz fabric as the radiating face of the heater. The elements are right behind the quartz fabric which is laminated to a 1” thick refractory material. The heater has 3” deep aluminized steel housing and has mounting studs and a junction box in the back.


The QF element temperature is 815 ° C (1500°F) and has a peak wavelength of 2.6 microns. The QH Panel Heater has a maximum watt density of 25 watts per inch, takes 5 – 7 minutes to reach maximum temperature and uses a Type K thermocouple control.

Please contact us for additional information on Quartz Fabric faced industrial IR panel heaters, or any of our other infrared heating solutions.  Anderson Thermal Devices is a US-based manufacturer of industrial infrared heaters.  Benefiting from 75+ years in infrared heating, our team is eager to find the right solution for your application.


ThermaTech CH-40 & VH-40 – High Intensity Panel Heaters

High intensity infrared heaters for high speed heating. When space allows only a small number of heaters for fast heating.

  • Operates up to 1400°F face temperature (not element temperature)

  • Wave length 2.6 – 6.0 microns

  • Warm up time 2-4 minutes

  • Each heater has two rows of stamped element, radiating through Corning Vycor® face plate

  • Extruded aluminum case, cast aluminum end caps and mounting clamps

  • Operates well in horizontal or vertical position

  • Size: 2.75” wide 2.00” deep up to 120″ heated length

  • Overall length is 8.5 inches longer than heated length

  • Extremely efficient and effective. 85% of energy cost is directed at your product

  • Reduces drying time drastically, compared with hot air and other infrared heating devices

  • With stands shock of water splash at peak temperatures

  • Excellent heat transfer even when mounted in the open, sometimes eliminates need for oven enclosures All heaters are repairable

  • Built in Thermocouples are available to indicate temperature of radiating heater face and acts as a control point for maintaining constant face temperature. Thermocouple kits for field installation are available.

Alternate Electrical hook-ups Possible:
  • 3 Phase Wye: power is reduced from 40 to 13.3 watts per inch

  • 3 Phase Delta: full power at 40 watts per inch

  • Similar design to CH-40 is the VH-40

  • Overall length is 1.50″ longer than heated length

  • To prolong heater life it is recommended to use temperature controls

  • Each heater is supplied with simple mounting and wiring instructions

  • Heaters can be reused for different applications

Typical Applications:

Teflon Isopar Removal and Sintering – Web Heating or Drying in Plastics, Paper and Coated Products – Paint Baking – Drying of Chemicals and Slurries – Electronic Application

ThermaTech MiniPanels

Medium and high intensity Minipanels create a flexible configuration of any size and shape. Easy installation in new or existing equipment (no reflector is necessary). Rugged Panels require only a lightweight support and our unique Flat Element design converts over 90% of energy input to Infrared.


  • Temperature: Up to 1450ºF on Corning Vycor® face heaters: wave length 2.6-6.0 microns.  Up to 1000ºF on ceramic face heaters: wave length 3.5-7.0 microns

  • Construction is aluminized steel (stainless steel available upon request)

  • Voltage: 240-Volt maximum

  • Size: 9.65″ long 2.36″ wide Other sizes are available (thermocouples can be installed upon request).

  • 21% Savings in energy over ceramic heaters

  • Excellent heat transfer properties

  • Resistant to water splash, chemical attack and thermal shock

  • Replacement for ceramic heaters

  • Adhesives

  • Cardboard

  • Ceramic

  • Chemicals

  • Coatings

  • Food

  • Leather

  • Paint

  • Paper

  • Plastics

  • Semiconductors

  • Synthetics

  • Textiles

  • Weld

  • Wood

  • Pre-heat

  • Cure

  • Dry

  • Bake

  • Harden

  • Temper

  • Thermoform

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Infrared Panel Heater Element

Element used to radiate Medium Wave energy in Industrial Infrared Panel Heaters (from Anderson Thermal Devices)